Progress on Go Fly Integration

easyJet and Go Fly (Go) are now operating under a single UK Air Operators Certificate (AOC) as approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The switch-over occurred at 00.01 this morning.

This means that, for operational purposes, easyJet and Go are acting as a single airline with a common fleet, operating practices, recruitment process and CAA-approved postholders. The move to a common AOC has been completed ahead of easyJet`s initial expectations.

Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen, Operations Director, said:

“The adoption of a single AOC is a significant milestone in the bringing together of easyJet and Go as it means, for the first time, we are acting as and recognised as a single airline. I am particularly delighted that this has occurred substantially ahead of our initial estimate of 1st April 2003.”

Excellent progress in combining the two airlines is also being made in all other parts of the business. For example, there is now a single recruitment processes for the employment of pilots, cabin crew and airport staff; a lease has been signed for a new headquarters close to Luton Airport which should be operational from mid-2003; seven of Go`s 27 aircraft have been repainted in easyJet livery, and customers can book flights on the combined airline through


Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive said:

“Excellent progress is being made in all areas to bring the two companies together. All functional teams are now combined and I envisage that the combination will be completed significantly ahead of our expectations.”

“On a separate matter, the project being undertaken to assess the option to acquire Deutsche BA is progressing well and we hope to be in a position to make a decision on whether to proceed with the option around March 2003.”