Who will be the Scandinavian of The Year?

This year the Scanorama Awards is presented for the very first time in connection with the announcement of the Scandinavian of the Year. The winners and runners-up are announced on November 28th through a press release and at a reception at Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo.

The award is comprised of six categories: Business, Culinary, Design, Entertainment, Literature and Sports. Among the candidates in these categories we select a Scandinavian of the Year, i.e. the Scandinavian who we consider to have been the foremost representative for Scandinavia and has had a great deal of international attention during the past year.

The reason for the establishment of the awards is that Scanorama - who celebrates its 30th anniversary this year - is the only international magazine that regularly profiles the most exciting, successful and acclaimed Scandinavians. Our ambition is for the awards to strengthen Scandinavia’s profile and encourage and reward the talented Scandinavians who work in their native countries or abroad.

The Scandinavian of the Year-prize is designed by Swede Jonas Torstensson, renowned for using recycled material in his art.