Operational Improvement at America West

As reported today in the Department of Transportation`s (DOT) monthly Air Travel Consumer Report, America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA) continued its year-over-year improvements in the four key areas of on-time performance, completion factor, baggage handling and complaints.  The airline`s systemwide on-time performance for September 2002 was 83.9 percent, surpassing the airline`s performance in September 2001 of 82.3 percent.  America West continues to rank second in the industry year-to-date in this key operational measurement.  The airline`s on-time performance in its primary hub in Phoenix was 88 percent in September 2002. Year-to-date, America West ranks number one among all airlines in on-time performance in Phoenix.

The third quarter is typically a tough one for our airline`s operations, as a result of high load factors and high temperatures at our Phoenix and Las Vegas hubs.  Thanks to our great team, we were able to maintain solid operations during this difficult period, said Jeff McClelland, executive vice president, operations.

America West`s percentage of flights cancelled was 1.2 percent in September 2002, an improvement from 1.5 percent in September 2001.  Baggage handling improved by 12 percent to 3.14 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers in September 2002.  The airline`s dramatic year-over-year improvements in customer complaints also continued with a 71 percent decrease from
4.49 complaints per 100,000 passengers in September 2001 to 1.32 in September 2002.

America West Airlines is the nation`s largest low-fare, hub-and-spoke airline.  Founded in 1983, it is the only carrier formed since deregulation to achieve major airline status.  Today, America West is the nation`s eighth-largest carrier and serves 92 destinations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  America West is a wholly owned subsidiary of America West Holdings Corporation, an aviation and travel services company with 2001 sales of
$2.1 billion.