SAA Introduces Another London Service

JOHANNESBURG: South African Airways (SAA) has added another flight on the Johannesburg-London route, taking to three a day the number of frequencies on the route.

From October 28 onwards, SA226 will depart Johannesburg at 21h35 and arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport at 06h55 every Tuesday. It will return to Johannesburg as SA229 the next day

There are two other flights daily, SA220 from Cape Town to London and SA234 from Johannesburg.

The third frequency was introduced because of the increasing demand for seats on the Johannesburg-London route, From now on, SAA has 21 flights a week, three daily to London.

During the past year, South Africa has experienced a 22% increase of British residents and other people from Europe visiting the country. This has placed a great strain on the seats available on SAA flights. During the past year, we have been trying to secure additional slots at Heathrow. We are happy to announce that from October 27, we will offer two daily flights from Johannesburg and a daily flight from Cape Town to London.


From this week, SAA has a total of 38 flights to Europe; 21 to London, seven to Frankfurt, seven to Zurich/Paris, three to Milan .

Although South Africa and Britain presently hold 32 frequencies each, South Africa uses 20, while British airlines use 28 of their 32 slots allocated. From the end of October, the bilateral capacity will increase to 34 frequencies per country. This additional service should satisfy the increasing demand by tourists to visit South Africa.