Delta to Limit Passenger Baggage

ATLANTA, Oct. 23, 2002—Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) today announced the specifications of this holiday season’s baggage policy for select Latin American cities, beginning Nov. 15, 2002, and through Jan. 15, 2003.

The embargo restrictions below will affect flights from the United States to Guadalajara, Mexico; Guatemala City; Mexico City; Panama City, Panama; San José, Costa Rica; and San Salvador, El Salvador. Additional baggage embargo restrictions include the following:

á Passengers are allowed a maximum of two checked and one carry-on bag á Carry-on baggage cannot exceed 40 pounds and 45 linear inches (length/width/height) á Checked baggage cannot exceed 70 pounds and 62 linear inches (length/width/height) á Items must be packed in Delta-provided utility or garment boxes. These boxes are available to Delta passengers for $10 (USD) at ticket counters and curbside check-in stations.

Passenger Travel Tips:

To avoid unnecessary “travel hassle” during this embargo period, Delta offers the following helpful travel tips:


1. Delta recommends that passengers traveling to these Latin American cities make prior arrangements with an alternative shipping company, such as Sports Express, operating as, to ship any items that exceed the number, size and weight restrictions.

2. Passengers anticipating checking-in a box should purchase a Delta-approved box several days prior to the scheduled flight. Passengers checking in with an unauthorized box will be required to purchase and ship their items in one of the Delta-approved boxes.

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