US Airways Extends Shuttle Guarantee Program and Triple-Mile Bonus

US Airways has renewed its commitment to a convenient and hassle-free Shuttle travel experience by extending its guarantee and mileage onus programs.
US Airways Shuttle customers will continue to be eligible for a $200 voucher toward future travel on US Airways, US Airways Express or US Airways Shuttle, if, on any Monday through Friday, they are unable to make it to their boarding gate within 20 minutes of checking in at the US Airways Shuttle ticket counter or electronic ticket kiosks to make their scheduled departure to their ticketed destination.
Dividend Miles members traveling the Shuttle also will continue to earn Triple Dividend Miles through Dec. 31, 2002, and the bonus miles count toward Dividend Miles Preferred Status.

“The US Airways Shuttle is the quickest and most convenient means of travel between these important Northeast corridor business and vacation centers,” said US Airways Vice President of Marketing and Revenue Management Stephen M. Usery.
The US Airways Shuttle is the only Shuttle to offer hourly departures every business day between New York LaGuardia, Boston and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports, with 16 roundtrips between LaGuardia and Boston, 15 roundtrips between LaGuardia and Reagan National, and 14 roundtrips between Boston and Reagan National.
Shuttle customers can fly comfortably on US Airways` modern Airbus A320 family of aircraft, which are used on all Shuttle flights. These aircraft have the widest cabins, aisles and seats of any Shuttle and also feature a generous seat pitch of 34 inches, drop-down video monitors every three rows and more standard overhead luggage space. With an in-seat power supply at every seat onboard and a Verizon Airfone located in each rowUSiryshulåusme0c raiprucve`rght e!ig -r eyanim y cle eise€s d laInheomrtf ecst€e--t -a acr4.S rws ute!igs ða$eheonheouorn e lfnu d%nding on thE route. To qualify for the r0-Minute Guarantee, customerc must complete check-in at the dediccted Shuttle ticket counter gr at an electronic-ticket kiosk at least 2= minutes before scheduled depárture—and not be ableto arrive at the gate in time for final boarding at five minutes before departure.
This offer does not apply during irregular operations, such as weather, government-mandated security actions, or other circumstances out of US Airways` control. This offer only applies to customers booked in Y, B, or U class service, excluding U class youth fares (fare basis: UOPKY24) and U class senior fares (fare basis: UOPKSR62), and it applies only to customers who originate their travel on US Airways Shuttle.
The $200 voucher towards a US Airways ticket is valid systemwide and will be provided upon the customer`s request at the Shuttle gate check-in only on the scheduled date of departure after not making the scheduled departure to their ticketed destination. This voucher program is the exclusive remedy under the 20-Minute Guarantee. In no event shall US Airways` liability exceed the award amount of the voucher. The voucher amount of $200 applies toward the base fare and federal excise tax of 7.5 percent only and applies only to the future purchase of airline tickets on US Airways. The purchase of the ticket must occur within one year of the voucher`s issuance. Other terms and conditions for the voucher apply as stated on the voucher.
Registration for Triple Miles is required before departure by calling 1-800-872-4738 and entering Bonus Request Number 5236, or online at Retroactive mileage credit will not be posted for travel prior to registration. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply. The Triple Miles offer is valid with the purchase of published adult fares for travel on US Airways Shuttle.
For additional information on US Airways Shuttle schedules and fares, visit US Airways online at, or call US Airways Reservations at 1-800-428-4322.