Reservation System Training For Gulf Air Staff

Gulf Air, the national carrier of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, has begun a series of three-day staff workshops on its Falcon HOST Reservation System.  The workshops are designed to provide managers, secretaries and other Gulf Air staff with the skills to enable them to use the system to further enhance customer service levels.

“As a result of these workshops more of our staff can respond to the call for improving our relationships with our customers,” said James Hogan, President & Chief Executive, Gulf Air.  “The type of data that can be obtained from the system includes information on the availability of flights and schedules, weather reports and special requests as well as a host of other travel related details.”
The security features built into the system incorporate exclusive sign-in codes and passwords so that any changes to passenger records, for example, to accommodate additional requests or to re-schedule existing itineraries can be easily tracked.