SAA Launches Service In The 6 Official Languages Of The World Summit

South African Airways (SAA) has launched a service in the six official languages of the World Summit for Sustainable Development.
By calling the 24 hour toll free number, 0800-72-7727, delegates can ask any questions related to their flights in Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin and English Delegates will be able to make flight changes, check their flight status, re-confirm their flights, upgrade their tickets.

The service, which will be available from August 16 until September 6, is also available for those wishing to travel domestically.

Callers using the toll free number during the day will be served in one of the foreign languages. The number will be available seven days a week, from 7am:to 7pm.After hours, the toll free number will be diverted to the airline`s existing call centre that offers a service in English only.

For delegates coming from the three venues, The Ubuntu Village, Gallagher or the Sandton Convention the SAA City Center office in Illovo and or Johannesburg International Airport, are within easy reach.