easyGroup Announces Management Changes

easyJet is pleased to announce the appointment of a chief operating officer, Vilhelm Hahn-Peterson. Vilhelm was previously the chief executive of FLS Stansted, the engineering company that maintains aircraft for many airlines including British Airways. easyJet and FLS have created easyTech, a joint venture set up at London Luton Airport for the maintenance of the easyJet fleet. Consequently, Vilhelm already has a good knowledge of the easyJet product and arrives as an executive who has already been nominated in a position accountable to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Vilhelm is Danish, 39 years old, married with 4 children and will be joining easyJet on 13 September, 1999.

easyGroup is a vehicle created by Stelios Haji-Ioannou to promote the interests of easyJet and easyEverything and to extend the brand into new business ventures.

Nick Manoudakis, one of the founding members of easyJet and the company`s finance director, is now the finance and business development director of easyGroup. James Rothnie, easyJet head of public relations, has become director of corporate affairs at easyGroup. As the brand stretches, Nick will be ensuring the financial strength of existing companies - easyJet and easyEverything - as well as studying the financial viability of new companies such as easyRentaCar and easyBank. James will promote the brand in its developing companies and will oversee the group`s relationship with the media.

A search has been initiated to recruit a finance director and an easyJet PR manager to fill the void left by Nick and James assuming their new roles. Until these positions are filled, Nick and James will continue in their current roles.