Franke To Recommend Doug Parker`s Election As America West Chief Executive

W. A. Franke, chairman and chief
executive officer of America West Holdings Corporation (NYSE: AWA) and its
principal operating subsidiary, America West Airlines, announced today his
intention to recommend at the August 22, 2001 meeting of the America West
Board of Directors that, consistent with the companies` management succession
plan, W. Douglas Parker be elected chief executive officer of both
corporations. Parker presently serves as president and chief operating officer
of America West Airlines.

“In a business as dynamic as an airline there is arguably never that
moment of perfect calm suitable for transitioning management,” said Franke.
“The fact is, however, that Doug Parker has for more than two years been
intimately involved in the key decisions at America West.  He`s ready for the
additional responsibility, is entitled to the opportunity and is up to its
challenges.  Doug is bright and articulate and relates well with our
employees.  His success in leading the turnaround of the airline`s operations
is particularly noteworthy.  I am convinced he will provide the energy and
commitment necessary for the long term success of America West.”
Parker joined America West in June 1995 as senior vice president and chief
financial officer and in September 1996 his responsibilities were expanded to
include the company`s scheduling, planning and revenue management functions.
In September 1999 Parker was promoted to executive vice president, corporate
group, adding responsibility for the company`s marketing and sales, corporate
and legal affairs, labor relations, information technology and public
relations.  In May 2000, Parker was elected president and assumed
responsibility for all facets of the operation of America West Airlines and
leadership of the airline`s Reliability Improvement Plan.  Parker took the
additional title of chief operating officer in December 2000.
Prior to joining America West, Parker held management positions with
Northwest Airlines and American Airlines.  Parker holds a B.A. degree in
economics from Albion College and an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University.