Alitalia: Passenger Traffic Increased By 10.4% In The Year 2000

During December 2000 Alitalia Group overall passenger traffic on the entire network, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometre (RPK), showed a 5.2% increase compared to the same month on the previous year on a capacity reduced by 2.3%. Subsequently the load factor for the total network increased by 4.6 p.p., reaching 64.4%. The number of passengers grew by 2.6%.

Traffic growth was particularly strong on the International routes (+11.8%), thanks to the good performances achieved on the Extra-UE destinations (+17.4% in RPK) and in the Middle East (+36.9% in RPK on a slightly higher capacity increase). On the Intercontinental network despite a reduction in capacity by 6.2%, passenger traffic showed an increase of 6.5% due to the good performances on the North Atlantic and Central America (respectively +27.2% and +42.2% in RPK). On domestic route, on the other hand, the strategy aiming at increasing the unit revenue continues showing an improved balance between the seats offered (-4,5% in ASK) and the number of passengers carried (-5,7% in RPK) with virtually unchanged load factor after the drop registered in the previous month.(-6 p.p.).

Cargo traffic decrease by 3.5%, despite an increase of capacity offered by 2.3%. These results were affected by problems occurred during this month in some Italian and North American airports. Load factor showed a decline of 4.4 p.p. at 73.3%.

In the year 2000 overall passenger traffic showed an increase by 10.4% compared to 1999. Overall capacity increased by 3.3%. Consequently load factor went up by 4.7 p.p. reaching 72.1%. The number of passenger went up by 6.0%.

Traffic increase was more considerable on both the Intercontinental network (+13.7%, with a load factor increase of 6.7 p.p) as well as the International network (+9.2% with an increase of capacity offered by 3.3%). A particularly good performance was registered on the North Atlantic (+24.7% in RPK), Central America (+20.4% in RPK), the Middle East (+23.7% in RPK) and on the Extra-UE routes (+27.3% in RPK). These results are to be compared with a period in 1999 which was affected, for the first six months, by exceptional events such as the opening of the new Malpensa Airport, the war in Kosovo and the problems related to the Air Traffic Control.


Cargo traffic grew by 8.1% in the year 2000 compared to 1999. An extra 5.6% capacity was offered, with the overall load factor increasing by 1.7 p.p.