Delivery Of Second Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner

Ready ahead of schedule after downtime of only four months
Two weeks ahead of the contractually agreed deadline, Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) in Hamburg delivered its fifth Executive Jet - the second Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) that it has completed.
On taking delivery of the aircraft on July 25th, Airbus Industrie expressed great satisfaction with LHT`s workmanship and punctuality. 

Equipped in just under four months with conference compartments, state-of-the-art communications gear and ample seating for long-haul flights, this Airbus A319 is the second ACJ ordered by the Italian government. Lufthansa Technik had completed the first in February of this year.
Dr. Gunther Kruse, head of VIP & Executive Jet Services at LHT, asserts that “in guaranteeing unbeatably short downtimes and demonstrating an unmatched ability to meet deadlines Lufthansa Technik is setting new global standards in the equipping of business aircraft like the Boeing 737 Business Jet (BBJ) and Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner. Since the introduction of those two models in 1999, LHT has been leading the pack in the world league of completion centers.”

As soon as it completes yet another BBJ in August, LHT will be delivering the sixth of its XXL Class Executive Jets. Its division of VIP & Executive Jet Services in Hamburg employs more than 330 engineers and specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of cabin appointments for virtually all Boeing and Airbus models. In the light of increasing world demand, that facility`s capacities are being further expanded.