First Time On A Boeing 737 Business Jet - Live TV Reception Worldwide

Latest electronics processes signals from all satellite systems
Now for the first time, aboard a Boeing 737 Business Jet that Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) has equipped for a European customer, the passengers can enjoy current TV programs on international flights too.
Thanks to the latest antenna technology, advanced avionics and their ingenious integration into the aircraft, what had previously been possible only in small business planes in U.S. air space has become available worldwide: inflight live TV. 

A Boeing 737 Business Jet completed by Lufthansa Technik on May 31st is the first aircraft of its type to be equipped with a satellite antenna that can receive and digitally process TV signals from all satellite systems. Aboard an aircraft thus equipped, the passengers during flight can choose from among 400 live TV programs which they can enjoy at their seats in digital quality according to their individual tastes. The only limitation is that over large stretches of water no signal is available from present-day satellite systems. However, plans are afoot to overcome this.

Working with Airshow, the U.S. producer of passenger-information systems, and with Japan`s electronics giant Matsushita, Lufthansa Technik has succeeded in making possible for the first time worldwide reception of live TV aboard an aircraft. LHT already has a backlog of numerous orders from customers eager for this innovative technology.