Gulf Air To Help Harmonise Middle East Airspace

Gulf Air is hosting far reaching discussions on regional air-traffic with the International Air Transport Association`s (IATA) Taskforce for Route Development in the Middle East meeting at its Bahrain headquarters on April 15 and 16, 2001.

Bringing together seven international airlines that operate in Middle East, the taskforce aims to put forward recommendations for the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to help create greater harmony within the region`s airpspace.

The taskforce first met in July 2000 and its second meeting, under the direction of IATA`s Mid-Region Office, is discussing route planning and improvements to timetabling.
“Due to increasing traffic into the Gulf and as a results of busier routes between Europe and the Far East, the taskforce has a very important role in improving service and creating extra capacity for the benefit of both passengers and airlines alike,” commentated a Gulf Air Flight Operations source.
In addition to the IATA Mid Region office, the ICAO Deputy Director Mid Regional office and the Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AACO) will also be represented at the meetings.