ANA Orders 14 New Boeing Aircraft

All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced its decision to purchase five Boeing 777-300 and nine 767-300ER aircraft to renew its fleet for increased efficiency and reduced variation. Aircraft delivery will take place between fiscal year 2004-2006 with strategic emphasis on the company`s domestic operations.
ANA`s aircraft renewal plan will also include the retirement of its entire fleet of eight B747-100s (SR), two B747-200s (LR), eight B767-200s and seven A321s gradiently by the end of fiscal year 2006 to make way for a younger generation with significantly lower maintenance and operating costs. As a result, aircraft variations* will be reduced from the current eight types to only four (747-400, 777-300, 777-200, 767-300) over this period.
*Excluding narrow-body aircraft type
“Our fleet plans are a clear signal to the competition that we`re going to maintain a position of leadership in the domestic market,” said Yoji Ohashi, ANA`s president and CEO. “These aircraft will increase the company`s flexibility to respond to changing requirements in air transport and are consistent with our goal to be the leader in Asia by providing the most comfort in the sky.
ANA was a 777 launch customer and participated in the “Working Together” program at Boeing, the basis of the design for the B777-200. ANA was the first carrier in Asia to operate the 777 and first in the world to fly all three variations of the aircraft. ANA has the largest 767 fleet of any non-U.S. carrier.