Load Factor Improvement Continues


Overall traffic:
January traffic increased by 3%, while capacity equaled last year`s level. Consequently, overall load factor increased by 2.3 percentage points from 72.1% in January 2000 to 74.4% this year, a continuation of the improvement in load factor throughout this fiscal year to date. Load factor improved strongly in the route areas North Atlantic and Africa.

Passenger traffic:
Passenger traffic increased by 2%, whereas capacity decreased by 2%. Passenger load factor increased by 3 percentage points to 75.8% compared to January 2000. Passenger traffic growth was strong in the route areas Asia Pacific, Central & South Atlantic, and Africa. The growth in Business Class traffic continued to exceed that of Economy Class traffic.

Cargo traffic:
Cargo traffic increased by 4%, whereas capacity equaled last January`s level. Traffic growth was especially strong in the route area Africa, where load factor improved by 14 percentage points. Overall cargo load factor increased by 2.5 percentage points to 68% this year.