Air Canada Responds To The Minister Of Transport`s Remarks To The Standing Committee On

Air Canada today issued the following statement in response to the federal Minister of Transport`s remarks in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport:

“We share the Minister`s vision for a safe and healthy Canadian airline industry,” said Doug Port, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Government Relations.

“Air Canada`s solution fits within the framework outlined by the Minister today, particularly on such issues as Canadian ownership and control, pricing, service to small communities and the rights and concerns of employees. Furthermore, Air Canada has committed to submit its plan to the Competition Bureau for full review.
“The Minister has stated that any potential change to the 10 percent rule would only be made following parliamentary debate and only if it contributes to achieving a healthy Canadian-controlled airline industry. While parliamentarians debate the issues raised by the Minister, it must be emphasized that Air Canada`s proposal - which produces a healthy Canadian-controlled airline industry - requires no legislative or regulatory changes and can be accomplished within the current legal framework in Canada.
“Air Canada is proceeding with its case before Quebec Superior Court on October 28, 1999, challenging the legality of the Airco bid which Air Canada considers to be illegal.
“We expect that because of the parliamentary review process in place, adequate deliberation will take place on all the issues. The issues to be addressed for all stakeholders are so important that they require a full and comprehensive review by parliamentarians, and debate should not be set against an arbitrary timetable.

“Air Canada`s plan is a dynamic solution for a sustainable, profitable, competitive and Canadian-controlled airline industry.”