SWISS Aircraft Forced to a Military Airfield

At about 20:35 yesterday, July 10, 2002, a SWISS aircraft was forced to land at a German military airfield because of exceptionally severe weather conditions. Because of this bad weather, Hamburg, the destination airport, was closed. Top priority was given for a diversion to Bremen. In the meantime, however, Bremen, Hanover and Berlin were also closed because of the weather. As a result, a landing at the military airfield at Werneuchen, about 60 km north-east of Berlin-Tegel, remained the only solution. In the process, obstacles on the runway caused problems.

During the roll-out on the runway, the aircraft’s undercarriage and propeller were severely damaged by obstacles lying on the runway. The Captain therefore ordered the passengers to leave the aircraft, as is usual in such cases.

On board the Saab 2000 HB-IZY, with the flight number LX 850, there were 16 passengers and four crew. Nobody was injured, the crew and the passengers are well.

SWISS immediately assembled a group of employees to look after the passengers and crew.

An accident enquiry has been launched.