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The airline innovation which has transformed travel for some of the world`s highest flying executive goes on display in a new exhibition at the Science Museum this week (March 12).

British Airways` radical six ft six ins flat bed in its own individual cabin, set new benchmarks for comfort and privacy when it was launched for first class passengers just three years ago.

Now it is featured in an interactive ergonomics exhibition called the Human Factor, that showcases the best of British innovation.

The bed allows passengers to use their cabin as a private office, mini meeting room, an entertainments centre, a dining room for two or a bedroom.

Since then other airlines have followed and introduced beds for their premium passengers.


The exhibition, sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council,. The Health and Safety Executive and the Ergonomics Society, has been designed by Tim Hunkin and Sarah Angliss.

It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Ergonomics Society and the 25th anniversary of the HSE.

Martin George, British Airways Director said: ” The flying bed transformed the traditional aircraft cabin and set new standards for seat design, comfort and innovation in the air.”

The design is so radical that it has been registered under seven different patents.