CitizenCard Accepted as ID on UK Domestic

From 1 August 2002, easyJet will be accepting CitizenCard as a valid form of postive photographic ID on UK domestic flights. The CitizenCard can be applied for online at

The CitizenCard scheme was set up to establish a forgeproof, widely-accepted proof of age and personal identification, and is supported by the Government, the police, and many retailers.

easyJet requires all passengers to provide photographic ID at check-in on all flights including domestic services. It introduced this enhanced security measure because it is essential that airlines are able to reconcile passengers to bookings, and ensure that the person who booked to go on a flight is the same person who actually travels.

Acceptable forms of ID on domestic flights include:
* valid passport (an expired passport can be used up to 2 years after its expiry date)

* valid photographic national identity cards


* valid photographic driving licence

* valid photographic forces identity card

* valid police warrant card / badge

* valid airport employee security identity pass

* a child on parent`s passport is an acceptable form of ID

* CitizenCard