Bye Bye Baby Bluezzzzzzzz

British Airways is to introduce another flat flying bed - for babies. A new luxury carry-cot takes off today.

Globetrotting tots will now be able to fly completely flat in the carry-cots securely attached to bulkheads in the aircraft. For infants aged 0-6 months the cots have been developed by Coronet of Blackpool.

The airline has ordered nearly 1,000 to be fitted to its longhaul fleet of aircraft including Boeing 747s, 767s and 777s. The cot has been rigorously tested on the ground and in-flight and has been cleared for take-off from March 23.

Martin George, British Airways Director of Marketing said: “We are committed to the comfort of our passengers, whatever their age. The new flying carry cot complements the infant seat introduced last year so our youngest passengers can now fly completely flat or in a range of positions from horizontal to upright.”

The new carry cot follows the introduction of the first fully flat bed for business travellers in Club World on the airline’s longhaul services.