Kick Off Around The World

Twenty-three million UK homes will have the chance to fly Concorde for only £160 (including taxes, fees and charges), go around the world for just £140 or get incredible discounts to more than 150 destinations in one of British Airways’ biggest-ever seat sales.

England and Liverpool soccer star Michael Owen will today ‘kick start’ the deal of the new millennium being offered across the country to get people travelling in the 21st Century.

These ‘once in a lifetime’ deals will literally drop on doorsteps from this Thursday, January 6 as British Airways takes on the huge task of delivering special gift vouchers through the postboxes of millions of UK homes.

No-one will know until they open their vouchers which gift discounts they will receive for use by between two to six people. People could be whisked away on Concorde or Round The World flights, win domestic flights for ‘a tenner’, a two-night British Airways Holidays` city break (two nights) in Europe for £20, enjoy free upgrades to Club Europe, and free upgrades to Club World and take advantage of discounts off British Airways Eurotraveller and World Traveller fares.

Tiffany Hall, British Airways Head of UK and Ireland Sales, said: “UK residents have the unique chance to save thousands of pounds for top-class travel. Concorde for £160 is a saving of about £5,000 off the standard price and the round the world ticket represents savings of more than £1,000.


“It is the luck of the draw which voucher drops through the letterbox, with 30,000 homes set to receive the top prizes and millions of homes receiving significant discounts.”

Even at a minimum, people will receive significant discounts off already very competitive fares. These offers, available for up to six people, range from up to: £50 off flights to North America; £200 off flights to Western Australia; £150 off the Middle East; £125 off flights to the Far East; £100 off fights to Africa; £75 off the Caribbean and £50 off European travel.
Aside from the ‘door drop’, targeted mailings will be carried out to key airline clients. Major incentive schemes are also being offered to travel agents and staff.

The promotion is backed by a multi-million pound advertising and promotions campaign, under the banner of “Who says Christmas is over?”.