SWISS Unveils New Sponsoring Concept

SWISS, the new Swiss intercontinental airline, is using intensified sponsorship to reinforce its marketing efforts and its attractiveness to clients. Its efforts are directed to the sport, culture and social sectors. Its international presence plays a greater role in this than was formerly the case with Crossair. The limited means must be specifically targeted and concentrated on a few promising projects.

In sport the new generation sportsmen in top and broad-range sports that will be covered. More specifically , it is ski, golf, and tennis which will benefit. On the cultural side, SWISS is engaged in the fields of both classical music and jazz, as well as in the theatre and films. In the social sector an engagement will be taken with a well-known internationally operating organisation.

For SWISS, sponsoring represents an important part of its integrated communication. It thus creates an important platform for customer contacts. The participation will primarily be through the provision of flight services. Its engagements for the current year have already been fixed.