Airline Employment Dropped 11 Per Cent In 2001, BTS Reports

The U.S. airline industry cut more than one out of every 10 jobs during 2001, according to employment data released today by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).

Airline industry employment fell by 79,000 jobs, or 11 per cent, from 732,000 to 653,000, based on airline year-end reports filed with BTS.  The airlines dropped 58,000 full-time jobs and 21,000 part-time jobs during 2001.
“The Bureau of Transportation Statistics collects detailed airline industry data to help transportation planners and decision-makers,” BTS Director Ashish Sen said.  “This information can help the Department of Transportation monitor the status of the airline industry.”

The following table summarizes job losses for major and national airlines.  Major airlines have annual operating revenues of $1 billion or more, while national airlines have $100 million to $1 billion in annual operating revenues.  Large regional, medium regional, and individual airline data can be found at the BTS website,  Commuter and small regional carriers do not report annual employment data to BTS.

Airline Industry: Jobs in 2000 - 732,049 / Jobs in 2001 - 653,488 (%change -11)
Major Airlines: Jobs in 2000 - 672,294 / Jobs in 2001 - 607,857 (%change -10)
National Airlines: Jobs in 2000 - 56,056 / Jobs in 2001 - 41,865 (%change -25)