New CWA Rejected by Cabin Personnel; SWISS Flight Operations Continue as Normal

SWISS Executive Management notes with regret that the cabin personnel of SWISS have not approved the new Collective Working Agreement concluded with the kapers flight attendants’ association.  SWISS Executive Management is confident, however, that a solution can be found through discussions with the kapers committee. 

The rejection of the new Agreement has no impact on the individual contracts of employment of the company’s cabin personnel, which are based on parameters jointly agreed by SWISS and the kapers committee.  The contractual security of the company’s flying personnel is thus still guaranteed.

“Our flight attendants’ commitment and dedication are as high as they have ever been,” says Björn Näf, SWISS Executive Vice President Product & Services.  “We greatly appreciate this; and we are convinced that, with our constructive social partnership, a new collective solution can soon be found for our cabin personnel.”

The social partnership between SWISS and kapers remains intact.  The rejection of the new Agreement will also have no impact on flight operations, which are continuing as normal.  Cabin crew numbers are currently fully sufficient to operate the 128 short, medium and long-haul aircraft that make up the SWISS fleet.