New collective pay agreement for pilots: Strike averted at Lufthansa CityLine

In intense negotiations CityLine and the pilots` union Vereinigung Cockpit have reached an accord on a new pay agreement.
The threat of a pilots` strike has thus been averted. 

This pay settlement is economically viable for Lufthansa CityLine. It will result in specific improvements in the pay scales for the company`s 663 pilots. The new pay agreement is valid for 36 months and covers the period from July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2004 - subject to approval by the unionized CityLine pilots.

In September 2001 negotiations were halted after the terrorist attacks in the USA. They were resumed on February 20 this year. The agreement takes the economic developments in the aviation industry after September 11 into consideration.

CityLine employs 2,141 employees; of these, 663 work in the cockpit, 722 in the cabin and 756 on the ground in engineering and administration. Currently, CityLine`s fleet consists of 68 modern and environmentally compatible jets: 18 Avro RJ85s with 80 seats each, 43 Canadair Jets CRJ 100/200 with 50 seats, and seven Canadair Jets CRJ 700 with 70 seats.