Austrian Airlines Group Confirms Commitment to Quality Customer Service

Austrian Airlines Group ratifies Passenger Service Commitment

At the initiative of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) and in co-ordination with the European Commission, a declaration designed to safeguard consumer rights in air travel has been drawn up in Europe. It follows the preparation of a similar document by airlines in the USA.

The so-called “Airline Passenger Service Commitment” was put into force by the Board of Management of the Austrian Airlines Group on 14 February 2002. Vagn Soerensen, Chief Executive Officer of the Austrian Airlines Group, made the following statement about the official commitment: “We are proud that, in the past, the quality airlines of the Austrian Airlines Group have voluntarily applied the high standards now officially established in writing. By drawing up this document, however, we provide our customers with a written guarantee of those service standards, even if civil aviation cannot itself determine all the environmental conditions in which it operates.”

The Austrian Airlines Group Airline Passenger Service Commitment consists of a series of statements divided into 14 topic areas and encompassing the full customer service chain - from the purchase of the ticket through to after-flight care. The Commitment can be downloaded worldwide and in full from the website of the Austrian Airlines Group at