LanChile Delivers Online Check-In System.

New Internet-Based LanChile
, through its subsidiary LanExpress, has launched an online check-in system. allowing passengers traveling within Chile to print out a copy of their boarding pass directly from LanChile`s website.
The product is a simple, user-friendly process. Once a ticket is purchased for LanChile or LanExpress flights within Chile (at any LanChile or LanExpress sales office or call center, through travel agents, or via LanChile`s website), passengers simply connect to, enter their reservation code, choose their seat, and print out their boarding pass. For international routes, passengers may use this system to choose their seat, which makes check-in at the airport much faster.

Originally launched in November 2001 exclusively for tickets purchased through the airlines?f website, LanChile`s internet check-in service was expanded and made available for tickets purchased through LanChile`s call center and sales offices, as well as travel agencies.


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