Faxsav integrated with major European hotel reservation system

FaxSav (NASDAQ NM: FAXX), the global Internet Fax leader, today announced that HotelNet, the premiere hotel-finding service on the Internet, relies on FaxSav’s Internet Fax service to match travelers to available hotel properties. The HotelNet website, www.hotelnet.co.uk serves as a reservation system for hospitality chains and independent hoteliers throughout Europe. HotelNet uses Internet Fax services to bridge both the time-zone and technology differences between Internet-connected travelers and hospitality service providers—who, in many cases—are not yet conducting E-commerce.

“HotelNet is the perfect example of the type and size of company that would have difficulty conducting business on the Web without Internet Fax,” said Bill Fallon, FaxSav’s Vice President of Marketing. “It illustrates a key dimension of the value of Internet Fax - its ability to facilitate the entry of incredibly useful E-commerce services.”

Visitors to the website enter the location and size of the property desired, view a photograph of the property, review a list of amenities offered, and then submit a booking. HotelNet’s systems check for ‘real time’ availability and wait for an immediate confirmation. Internet Fax is particularly valuable if the reservation is being sent after business hours. If HotelNet waited for the hotel to check its e-mail, the room might be resold before the message was checked - leaving HotelNet’s customer without a room and HotelNet without a customer. Furthermore, not every hotel has Internet access.

Richard Knowles, founder of Hotel Net explains, “FaxSav’s Internet Fax service offers the best guarantee that the booking will get delivered to the hotel. With the continued success of our business riding on the delivery of each and every fax, any other solution would be too risky.“HotelNet, located in Merseyside, England, was established in 1995 and today, contracts with 6,000 properties throughout Europe. This includes a growing number of American sites as well, including the Dorchester and Ritz chains. In addition, HotelNet handles all of the bookings for some tour operations and designs and operates websites for several leading hotels. To learn more about Hotel Net, visit www.hotelnet.co.uk.

According to a March 1999 report by IDC, FaxSav is the leader in the Internet Fax market. Internet Fax is an emerging industry (Internet Fax) recently forecasted by the Dataquest/Gartner Group to grow from 44 million pages carried in 1997 to 5.6 billion pages by 2001. FaxSav provides enterprise-wide fax solutions to business customers in 150 countries worldwide, helping them fax more easily, efficiently, and economically.