JAT Airlines Switches to Amadeus Sales System

Following successful migration of its sales and
reservation services to Amadeus, JAT Yugoslav Airlines (JAT) has joined the
community of 109 airlines that use the Amadeus sales system to make
reservations and issue tickets in all their offices.

is now able to offer enhanced customer service including: immediate
confirmation of travel reservations, real time schedule updates, last seat
availability and interactive seat maps with up-to-date displays.

Through the Amadeus
sales system concept, over a hundred of the world`s
leading carriers and travel agencies are brought together in the same value
chain. This offers JAT the opportunity to interface simply and effectively
with travel agents.  Among the benefits this brings about are:

* The speed and simplicity with which travel agents connected to the
Amadeus system and JAT interact with a shared system for handling
reservations, fares and ticketing. This helps travel agents enhance their
customer service, reduces administrative complexities and build closer and
more profitable relationships with JAT.

* JAT and Amadeus travel agents are now also able to exchange complete
Passenger Name Record (PNR) information or reservation history freely,
allowing for quick and efficient updating of travel records and information.


* Real-time updating of fares.  All sales system user airline fares -
including those of JAT - are available in the Amadeus system.  Any changes
are immediately updated, allowing travel agents to always work with the very
latest fare quotes.

“The success of this highly complex IT change-over to the Amadeus sales
system has paved the way for increased productivity and sales at JAT and
ultimately, better service for our customers,” commented Miodrag Bankovic,
IT Director at JAT. “Becoming an Amadeus System User is the culmination of
an established relationship between JAT and Amadeus, which now allows us to
reap more benefits,” he said.

The Amadeus sales system is compatible with major airline systems and
jointly with Amadeus and Lufthansa Systems
, JAT has implemented an effective
solution for all its passenger management requirements.

“We are very pleased to provide JAT with an enhanced and up-to-date seat and
flight inventory system to complement the cutting-edge distribution system
provided by Amadeus,” said Claudia Oehlschlagel, Project Manager, Migration
Services for Lufthansa Systems. “JAT is yet another carrier we have
implemented jointly with Amadeus, reflecting the long-standing partnership
between Lufthansa Systems and Amadeus.”

“In today`s highly competitive airline operating environment, the ability to
service customer reservations needs fully and with cost-efficiency means the
Amadeus sales system has a real competitive edge,” added Mark Lewsey,
Director of Marketing at Amadeus UK. “We are proud to offer a cutting-edge
solution to enable one of the airlines in Europe with the longest history in
civil aviation to fully meet the expectation of its customers.”
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