ABACUS to Offer Seamless Farex Wholesaler Module

ABACUS International, Asia-Pacific`s Number One Global Distribution System (GDS), is pleased to be the first GDS to launch a seamless FareX Wholesaler’s Module - the industry’s most innovative net fares information system.

FareX Wholesaler Module empowers the wholesalers to manage, distribute and update fares information on-line efficiently.  Using Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology over the Internet, both airlines and wholesalers can now enjoy greater convenience in distributing and retrieving fares information anywhere, anytime.

The entire automated system is really seamless, airlines simply input the fares and distribute to wholesalers. When the wholesalers receive these net fares, the FareX system allows these wholesalers to mark up/down fares, create, adjust and in turn, distribute them online to their sub-agents’ ABACUS terminals and websites.

“FareX Wholesaler Module provides fast, accurate fare quotations on demand. This helps agents reduce pricing errors as the system validates all the rule conditions attached to the net fares. With FareX, agents can now search for the lowest fare, auto-price and issue tickets effortlessly without making costly mistakes” said Mr Eric Tam, Senior Business Development Manager from Westminster Travel Hong Kong.

In addition, airlines stand to benefit as well as it increases the airlines’ resource efficiency and productivity. Airlines need not go through the arduous work of fares updating, fares information maintenance, fares quotation and doing up fare sheets as the processes are now streamlined and automated.


Another key benefit airlines can reap from FareX’s leading-edge technology and Internet connectivity is its point of sale distribution. FareX provides easy access to specific market segments and the global market for airfare information from a single system.