TechTravelers Delivers `Trusted Traveler`

TechTravelers, provider of mTravel?, the premier second generation managed travel software suite, has announced that it has received a provisional patent on its Trusted TechTraveler? Commercial Travel Passenger Security System and Process.

Trusted TechTraveler? is a method and process for aggregating, verifying, processing and credentialing commercial travel passengers. The unique process can then be applied and delivered through biometric or “smart card” credentials.  Establishing another industry first, TechTravelers has positioned itself to answer the call of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Office of Homeland Security.


“Trusted TechTraveler? is a major step forward in addressing the needs of air travel both today and tomorrow. It brings a clear methodology and process to many of the challenges facing our industry,” Thomas Murray, CEO of TechTravelers, said. “Business travel is filled with uncertainty today. Our mTravel? software suite helps eliminate many of those burdens through its industry-leading technology including mobile updates, easy, direct bookings and integrated expense reporting. Both the employer and employee are empowered to save money, time and increase productivity. In conjunction, our Trusted TechTraveler? can ease the burdens of uncertainty; eventually help travelers avoid long waits in lines, and restore their tranquility.”



Addressing privacy concerns, Murray said, “TechTravelers is not in the business of collecting data on individuals. Trusted TechTraveler? is simply a process and system available to public and private sectors to employ at their discretion. The system was built and the provisional patent secured in foresight to evolving transportation industry needs.”