Hotels Use Lanyon`s Web-Based Solution for Corporate Travel Negotiations

announced today the results of the
2002 hotel RFP season, stating that its hotel partners, representing 111
hotel brands, submitted 100,000 RFP bids to over 300 corporations and 17
mega agencies. 
Further analysis indicates that hotels used RFPpublisher,
Lanyon`s latest web-based solution, to negotiate corporate deals with 95 of
the Business Travel News` Corporate Travel 100. 
Hotel, mega agency, and corporate customers gathered in Dallas last week to
kick off the 2003 RFP season at Lanyon`s 5th annual Partners` Meeting.
Lanyon, a leading marketing distribution technology provider for the travel
industry, holds the annual customer conference to discuss the past year`s
performance and improvement plans for the coming year. 
Last year Lanyon and its customers worked through a major transition,
replacing the industry`s most widely used RFP application with an entirely
new integrated distribution solution: PropertyVault and its RFPpublisher

Brad Fred, Lanyon President and COO, said, “Last year was hard on everyone,
our customers and employees alike.  Most companies try to limit major
implementations to one or two a year; managing 50 was quite a challenge.
Seeing such strong, palpable results in the service`s inaugural year,
especially CT100 coverage, tells us that we are on the same page as our
clients, listening to their needs and delivering valuable solutions.  Now
that the transition is past us, our focus is on ease-of-use, self-service,
and integration.  We are rolling out a long list of enhancements, based on
client feedback, ensuring that PropertyVault and RFPpublisher continue as
the market leaders for years to come.”

Lanyon`s innovation plans for the year begin with over 50 enhancements
available now, focused primarily on usability and collaboration.  In
addition to user interface improvements, custom reporting and efficiency
tools will help hotels bid even more business with less effort.  To
facilitate greater collaboration, Lanyon opened the web-based service to the
mega agencies, enabling them to part of the process in an environment called
RFPpublisher Exchange.  The online community`s initial phase enables
agencies to post program information, view program specifications, and
monitor RFP progress. 

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