New China Southern FFP Portal.

China Southern Airlines
has partnered with Beijing-based, TravelSky Technology Limited to create a new FFP “Information Portal.”

Available now from any of the 6,000 travel agents in China currently using the TravelSky ETD system, customers can now receive direct information on their Sky Pearl Club FFP mileage information.
This is not only the first but is currently the only FFP mileage information link between a major airline and a leading travel service provider in The People`s Republic of China.

“Clearly we recognize that here in China, just like in the USA, not everyone has access to the Internet. Basically we have brought the `mileage bank` information of the China Southern Airlines` Sky Pearl Club - available on the Net - to the local, hometown travel agent,” said Mr. Yu Xiao Chun, Deputy Manager, Marketing Department, TravelSky.

Besides providing current information to the FFP customer, the next transitional step “will be to have the travel agent `auto generate` a free airline ticket - based upon available miles in the FFP customer`s account - and allow that customer to fly same day. Why should they wait six weeks or more to fly?” remarked Mr. Li Kun, vice president, China Southern Airlines.

“As long as a travel agent as access to a CRS terminal, they can provide this important information to the China Southern customer. No longer does a customer have to wait for the airline to mail them their flight information, which may or may not be the most current flight information for their account. People want information and TravelSky is in the business of providing that, as well as a host of travel ticketing services,” added Mr.Yu.