TQ3 Maritz and i:FAO Group Form Marketing Alliance

TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions

and the i:FAO Group

announced a comprehensive Alliance Agreement for cytric,
i:FAO`s business travel eProcurement software.  TQ3 Maritz will immediately
begin offering cytric to their corporate customers.
(Above: Louis Arnitz, i:FAO CEO)
Recent airline commission changes have motivated corporations more than
ever to switch to eProcurement in order to reduce business travel expenses.

Risk-free cytric

has been proven to reduce process and procurement costs.  TQ3
Maritz is adding cytric to the products and services they provide to their
clients to help them streamline the reservation process.
“We are pleased to be able to add cytric to our suite of Online Booking
Tools that we offer to clients as a way to reduce their overall travel costs.
As corporations move to consolidate their global travel operations, cytric has
a definite advantage because it is available in many languages, on the major
GDSs, and has a broad customer base with many existing TQ3 Travel Solutions`
clients in Europe,” said Richard Spradling, CIO of TQ3 Maritz Travel
When using cytric, TQ3 Maritz` customers are directed to the purchasing
decision that is in their best interest and in compliance with the travel
policy set in the system.  Negotiated air, car and hotel rates provided by TQ3
Maritz are automatically used by cytric for further savings.
“i:FAO is very pleased with this new alliance agreement, which bundles our
software with the superior fulfillment, service and, implementation
capabilities of TQ3 Maritz, for the benefit of corporations all over North
America,” said Louis Arnitz, i:FAO`s Chief Executive.  “TQ3 Maritz has
impressed us with their attention to detail and quality throughout the
contract negotiations and due diligence on our product”, he continued.


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