iHotelier OneScreen Reservation System Now Available.

The new version of Webvertising`s revolutionary iHotelier
OneScreen hotel room reservation system is now available.
Rebuilt using Macromedia Flash MX, the OneScreen web application now has a more intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, transforming the online reservation process to just a single screen.

The one-page interface has resulted in an increase in reservations over traditional, multi-page HTML systems. While the original version of OneScreen made online reservations easier and much faster, Macromedia Flash MX offers additional speed and performance to the latest version of OneScreen.

With Macromedia Flash MX, Webvertising
was able to make significant reductions in the time required for consumers to complete the reservations process over the previous version. Loading hotel rates and inventory data from the database occurs 30% faster and file size is reduced to about one-sixth of the size of the previous version. The increased performance means that the reservations process can now be completed in less than one minute, as opposed to three minutes for the multi-page HTML version.

The reservation system has also resulted in lower drop-off rates and an increase in successful reservations for the 75% of users who choose the OneScreen application over the HTML version.



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