Rosenbluth develops products for business travel security

Rosenbluth International, a business-to-business travel management company, has announced the launch of what the company is calling “the travel industry`s first ever suite of interactive global security products.” A major component of the Web-based system includes e-mail notices sent to a traveler`s wireless device.

Designed to address safety and security issues of corporate travel managers and business travelers worldwide, and developed with market research and feedback from corporate travel managers, Rosenbluth International has created a customizable source for safety and security information for international business travel and travel management. The suite of products offers services from e-mail alerts on breaking news (of travel consequence) to in-depth, Web-based, real-time views of travel itineraries as well as timely updates on business conditions in key geographies, political structure and much more.

“The tragic events of September 11 kick-started our development of the Global Security Suite,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth, chairman and CEO, Rosenbluth International. “We were called upon by our clients to provide critical information on their corporate travelers` locations and safety - information that until today was held in disparate resources, often taking hours to retrieve. Now, as the first to bring this to market, we have completely transformed accessing vital global data into a two second process,”

According to a recent survey by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), safety and security information is one of the top three concerns for the travel industry today. Currently, corporations call upon multiple organizations, such as internal security and travel management personnel to manually aggregate key travel-related information from disparate and often dated sources, resulting in information that is neither comprehensive or timely.

“We all operate with a heightened sense of vulnerability these days,” Rosenbluth said. ” We are hopeful these products provide timely information that make our customers smarter, make their jobs more efficient and perhaps, most importantly, help to make business travel easier again.”


Rosenbluth said his company`s Global Security Suite of products addresses both of these issues, acting as a one-stop-shop for integrated, real-time information focused on business travel types from the CEO to the VP road warrior to the occasional business traveler.

“On September 11 we went through a resource and time-intensive process to determine the whereabouts of our travelers worldwide,” said Lisa Meehan, director of travel services for Merck & Co. “With the introduction of the Global Security Suite, Rosenbluth International has completely changed the safety and security landscape of the travel industry. They have enabled us to have this crucial information in real-time at our fingertips.”

She added that Merck annually has 40,000 international trips to as many as 125 counties.  “Rosenbluth International`s security products will allow us to track and deliver automated safety and security information tailored to our travelers abroad—all in a matter of seconds,” she said. “Features such as the automated U.S. Embassy registration and breaking news bulletins will be especially important for our travelers in developing countries and high-risk locations.”