Venezuela`s Multiple Destination Island

One of the advantages of Margarita as an island within the competitive world of Caribbean tourism is that it offers multiple opportunities as a destination. In a few, short minutes, with ease and to suit all tastes, Margarita puts its visitors in touch with a great variety of other Venezuelan destinations.

Enjoying the numerous tourism options within Margarita can be the beginning of an unforgettable journey. Prepare to discover Venezuela.
A two hours flight will take you from Margarita to Amazonas State. A diversity of camps lie in the middle of the jungle, a place in which adventure and pure air are the two greatest gifts offered by nature. Another option is La Gran Sabana in Bol’var State, where you can appreciate a whole range of geological formations, among the most ancient in the world. In addition to this you can enjoy a stay in a camp near the Orinoco River, the longest river in Venezuela.
But the adventure does not stop here. Beautiful water falls like the “Angel Fall”, “El Sapo” and “Aponwao” are situated amid a sculptured landscape. Here you will find comfortable places to stay and many excursion possibilities.
Venezuela’s western states are also connected with Margarita, both by plane and by boat. Such is the case of Monagas state, a destination full of beautiful natural lanscapes such as “Cueva del Guacharo” (Guacharo’s Cave), “Las puertas de Miraflores” (Miraflores doors), “R’o Morichal” (Morichal River) and a diversity of agro-tourism haciendas (ranchs). Puerto la Cruz is a coastal city,  which offers a complete infrastructure of hotels and tourism services. The Mochima National Park is one of the most beautiful formations of islands in the area, great for scuba diving and snorkeling.
Caracas, Venezuela’s beautiful capital city, a gastronomic and cultural magnet, can easily be visited from Margarita, via one of the many airlines which operate this route. Caracas offers all visitors an exciting night life and is famous for the variety and quality of its gastronomy, from a typical “arepa” to the most exquisite French or exotic Japanese restaurant.
In addition Caracas has many art galleries and museums, it is famous for its shows and is backed up by excellent hotels and tourist services.
Venezuela’s Andes states wait for you with charming posadas, entertainment and traditions that will make your visit one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life. Mérida is a picturesque city and hosts the world’s highest and largest cable car system,  lifting you to the beautiful “Pico Espejo” (Mirror’s Peak).
Merida also offers more than 400 glaciar lagoons where you can fish, 4 National Parks with a biodiversity in weather floors, flora, fauna and landscapes. Nowadays Merida is a center for big events such as the “International House of the Mucucharasti Congress” with a capacity for 8,500 people, plus areas for services, exposition halls and a rental zone.

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