El Al Extends Security for All Internet-Based Operations.

El Al Israel Airlines has selected Sanctum`s AppShield 3.1 to extend their comprehensive security infrastructure to the protection of Internet-based data and operations.

The leading Web application firewall solution, AppShield works automatically and continuously to prevent illegal manipulation of any electronic information accessible through the El Al Web site.

“Since September 11, any illegal access to data or transactions through our company Web site is viewed by us as a terrorist act. With regular attempted attacks on our site, we view Web application security as critical to our overall security plan ensuring the safety of our customers,” said David Yaacobi, manager, Information Systems Security at El Al Israel Airlines. “Sanctum is the first in the world to address this serious security vulnerability. With AppShield in place to protect El Al`s Web site, we`re confident that our site is secure.”

AppShield is a flexible and intelligent security solution that allows the user to define the appropriate level of security for the intended business behavior of their site. AppShield provides comprehensive, automatic protection against all types of Web application attacks, including server-based worms, by monitoring for correct use of the application, blocking the attacker`s unauthorized actions, logging IP information and alerting administrators to all attack attempts.

“Securing Web applications needs to be a key element of every company`s overall IT security plan, especially in the aviation industry, where malicious hacker activity poses an immediate threat. Application-specific firewalls will become increasingly important for enterprises, especially as they start exposing critical business processes with Web services,” said John Pescatore, Vice President of Research, Information Security at Gartner Group. “It is no surprise that El Al, known for its strict airline and airport security, is taking this significant step to improve the security of their Web site operations.”