Air Canada’s popular Websaver program now allows subscribers to not only receive weekly emails about last-minute travel sell-offs—but also view and book their tickets on-line with the introduction of the airline’s Online Websaver.

“In just two years, Air Canada’s Websaver program has taken off to become a popular and convenient travel tool for more than 300,000 subscribers,” said Marc Rosenberg, Vice President, Sales and Product Distribution. “With the debut of Online Websaver, we are offering more flexibility and functionality and allowing customers to take advantage of sell-offs with the click of a mouse.”

Air Canada launched the Websaver program as a fast and convenient way for consumers on the Internet to find out about last-minute travel bargains on selected Air Canada domestic routes. Since its inception in 1997, the program has grown steadily in popularity and Air Canada has added U.S. and international routes. In conjunction with Air Canada’s partners, Websaver now also includes car rental and hotel selloffs.

With the introduction of the new Online Websaver, consumers will continue to receive weekly emails but will now be able - if they wish—to view and book Websaver products online through the Air Canada website. Websaver subscribers enter their Websaver user ID and password to access the Websaver webpages. After selecting their flights, payment and ticketing options, users are presented with a complete itinerary, which can be printed. Like Air Canada’s Cyber Ticket office, Online Websaver will include step-by-step booking instructions and functionality, including secure credit card transactions. Complementing Air Canada’s existing electronic commerce distribution channels, the introduction of the Online Websaver will make Air Canada the first airline in Canada to provide this level of service and convenience to consumers.

Customers who are interested in registering for Air Canada’s Websaver service can do so by simply surfing over to the Air Canada home page on the Internet ( and clicking on the ‘DIRECT E-MAIL AND WEBSAVER’ icon. Customers are asked to fill out an electronic registration form and are then automatically added to Air Canada’s email list. From then on, registered customers receive an email message every Wednesday containing information about airline, car rental and hotel sell-offs including: routes offered, prices and complete fare rules and conditions. Registered customers will also be able to enter the Websaver webpages on the Air Canada website by entering their user ID and password.