New Tracking Device From Visual One Systems

Visual One Systems, a leading supplier to the hospitality and conference center industry since 1977, has released Sessions Logic as an optional module to their Property Management System and Sales & Catering System.

A member of the International Association of Conference Centers since 1993, Visual One has spent thousands of programming hours on turnkey software solutions for the Conference Center and Hospitality Industries.
Sessions Logic is the perfect solution for Conference Centers, Retreat Camps, Educational Institutions, and other facilities that require the need to sell an event by the number of spaces or seats available in that event. “A need for tracking the availability of an event, much like we track availability of rooms, was identified by many of our existing and prospective clients,” says Dave Burroughs, President of Visual One Systems. “So we created Sessions Logic. A session is Visual One`s term for a limited-seating seminar, camp, class, or any other event that a property wants to sell to their guests.”

Features include the ability to have instructors assigned to different sessions, session rosters for tracking who is enrolled in different events, package plan logic for distributing the revenue that a session creates, Day Guest logic to be used in properties who do not have sleeping facilities for all guests, start and end date, days of the week that a session will be taking place, function room management, and additional guest history features to track in which sessions a guest has previously participated.

The V1 Session Logic differs from the V1 Guest Activity Scheduler. The Session Logic is intended for academic facilities to help manage classroom and seminar rosters. The Activity Scheduler is designed for resorts that want to create itineraries for guests by allowing day-and-time scheduling of activities such as horseback riding, tennis lessons, golf, shopping tours, restaurant reservations, and more.