New Nexus Software Introduced to Hospitality Industry.

Nexus World Services announces the rollout of its sales account management software, Nexus Sales Account Management.
Designed for hotel companies, this technology provides numerous data collection and account management services within a single platform.

The announcement follows Nexus World Service`s news of enhancements to their RFP Software, Nexus RFP Solutions, which can be used on an integrated platform with Nexus Sales Account Management.

One of the key benefits of Nexus Sales Account Management is the ability to create a single database of corporate accounts, travel agencies of record, and member hotels, and to maintain links between these entities. This enables a sales team to better manage details on destinations traveled by client, travel policy and compliance. Staff members can also view up-to-date GDS and rate loading statuses in the system. Users can log activity with corporate, agency and hotel accounts in Nexus and associates of the hotel company may view these activities at any time. Additionally, the trace feature ensures individuals are reminded to follow-up on activity that needs to take place.

Any of the client data and activities can be selected for export to create customized queries. This function is integral in developing targeted promotional mailing and sales call lists. Standardized reports are also available to assist management in keeping track of past and future sales activity.

Nexus Sales Account Management was initially developed for the worldwide hotel consortia, SRS-WORLDHOTELS, and is currently used by the company`s 120 employees around the world. All SRS-WORLDHOTELS staff can access and contribute to information in the central database that contains more than 20,000 records on global corporate accounts, local companies, meeting planners, corporate travel agencies and member hotels. With the proven success of the software by SRS-WORLDHOTELS, Nexus World Services is now offering the product to the hotel industry worldwide.
Nexus World Services utilizes the Internet in all of its products to facilitate the worldwide, real-time collaboration between all co-workers, whether located in the next office or across the globe. By sharing a single, secure database, users can access their data from anywhere they have access to the Internet, creating a global account ownership network.