New report by independent research firm ranks Aruba Wireless Networks highest among next generation

A new Wi-Fi report, entitled “Picking An Enterprise Wi-Fi Platform,” published by Forrester Research Inc., has ranked Aruba Wireless Networks a Leader among enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN), switch/router vendors using Forrester`s Wave(TM), methodology.
The exhaustive report examines and weighs a wide variety of business and
technical criteria among the new crop of Wi-Fi equipment suppliers, giving Aruba the best score of 4.3 in the Current Offering dimension. Top marks were awarded to Aruba in the areas of security, scalability, remote management and service and support.

Forrester`s new Wi-Fi report is the first to provide corporate IT staff with insightful and objective commentary on today`s enterprise wireless landscape. The report details the differences in WLAN startup products and suggests what to look for in next generation Wi-Fi gear.

Forrester suggests that enterprises define a strategy to reduce the capital and operating costs of Wi-Fi deployments. According to the report, companies with an immediate need for enterprise-scale Wi-Fi should look to
today`s crop of WLAN startups. The report adds that buyers should look for
WLAN products that speed installation, eliminate management headaches, deliver
ironclad security and bolster network scale.

In the report, Forrester stated that Aruba lead the pack of competitors
noting that Aruba improves scale, minimizes performance bottlenecks and takes
security a step further with per-user stateful firewalls, automated shutdown of rogue APs, and denial of services (DoS), protection.

Not surprisingly, security ranked highest as Wi-Fi`s greatest challenge, garnering 73 percent of the vote among 40 network architects at $1 billion-plus firms. Twenty-eight percent of the respondents noted that
WLANs are currently being deployed “enterprise-wide.”


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