Media awards deadline extended

Caribbean journalists have an additional two weeks to vie for more than US$6,000 in cash prizes, airline tickets and hotel stays at stake at the 2003 United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Media Awards taking place in Jamaica this November. They now have until Wednesday, October 15, 2003 to submit their work.

Hetty Sarjeant, United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) representative in the English and Dutch Caribbean, said that there was a delightful buzz throughout the region about the awards, and she wanted to capitalise on the spirit by allowing more Caribbean media representatives from both the print and electronic media to submit their entries. “Caribbean journalists are very busy people pressured by daily deadlines. An extra two weeks will give them some extra time to share their work on some of the pressing sexual and health issues facing our youth,” she said.

This year`s awards are open to all Caribbean-based journalists covering “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” issues in the region. This includes stories or reports on curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS, early initiation of sexual activity, fostering behavioural change, promoting gender equality, sexual exploitation (including sex tourism) and population, poverty reduction and sustainable development.
The 2003 UNFPA
Caribbean Media Awards will recognise writers, editors, broadcasters and media houses for work published or broadcast between September 30, 2002 and October 14, 2003 in print, radio and television categories. Entries will be accepted at respective United Nations Resident Coordinator offices in Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago c/o Mrs. Hetty Sarjeant, UNFPA Representative, Kingston, Jamaica or sent directly to United Nations Population Fund, 60 Knutsford Boulevard, 8th Floor, Kingston, Jamaica. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 15, 2003.
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