New Cuban website ready for Launch

In a joint effort between Exclusivas Latinoamericana ELA, S.L. and Belgium-based tour operator Transnico International, a new website about Cuba can be accessed at The site aims to promote the nation«s tourist products.
“Through we want to offer online sales of all kinds of services linked to the leisure industry with a particular stress on original travel packages that give tourists plenty of room to plan their trips. The idea is also for the promotion of Transnico as a local professional coordinator for a much larger public,” a press release issued by that company indicates.
Transnico is a Belgian tour operator headquartered in Brussels. Its President and CEO is Thierry Nicolas and the company«s Havana Office has been open since 1997. Its general manager in Cuba is Orlando Bosch.
The Havana Office operates independently from the headquarters in Brussels and coordinates the actions of different tour operators in Cuba. It targets markets in Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany and the United States.
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