Puerto Rican Economy will Benifit from Caribbean Marketplace 2003.

Caribbean Marketplace 2003

The Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico is preparing itself for one of the biggest tourism exibition`s of the year. The Caribbean Marketplace is presented by the Caribbean Hotel Association, this year in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association, the City of San Juan, and the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau. It will take place from January 19 å- 21, and is one of the most important events in the Caribbean calendar.

The event is sponsored by American Airlines, Air Jamaica, American Express, AT&T, BWIA West Indies Airways, Carisam / Samuel Meisel, Interval International, Travel Agent Magazine and Travelocity.

What is Caribbean Marketplace?

Caribbean Marketplace (www.caribbeanmarketplace.com) is the most important sales and marketing event of the year for the Caribbean. This prestigious marketing event brings Travel Industry Professionals together to negotiate business and develop new contacts. 


Caribbean Marketplace is two days of business meetings, which match buyers and suppliers through a computerized program of appointments. The business appointments set the tone of vacation packaging over the next year. The convention helps generate business for hotels of all sizes because it affords the opportunity for hoteliers and wholesalers to meet face-to-face to conduct business. The event draws tourism buyers - tour operators, wholesalers, corporate and incentive meeting planners, charter operators, incentive buyers, meeting planners, group buyers, and dive shop owners -from more than 26 countries across the globe.

The effect on the Puerto Rican economy will be tremendous. With 2,800 room nights at an average room rate of $180.00 per night, generating some $504,000 in hotel room charges.

At 11% in room taxes, this translates into $55,440 in taxes going to the Puerto Rican government.

About the Caribbean Hotel Association

The Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA), is a Federation of 35 national hotel associations, from Bermuda in the North, to Guyana in the South, from Barbados in the East to Mexico and Belize in the West. More than 1,000 member hotels represent 110,000+ rooms, from the small guesthouses to the mega resorts. The allied members: airlines, trade and consumer press, and hotel and restaurants suppliers, among many, account for more than 700 members.

The aim of CHA is to achieve excellence in hospitality, leadership in marketing, and sustainable growth in tourism, for the benefit of its members, and the wider Caribbean community. The principal thrusts of the association are in Advocacy, Training and Human Resource Development, Product Improvement, and Marketing and Promotion. Its Strategic Plan provides an extensive range of programs in these main areas.
For more information about CHA`s programs and services, visit www.caribbeanhotels.org