The Bahamas Celebrate The Sanford Heritage Festival`s 125th Anniversary

Nassau, The Bahamas, September 26, 2002 - SANFORD, FLORIDA - On September 27th to September 29th, 2002 The Islands of The Bahamas will support the annual Sanford Heritage Festival. The Sanford Heritage Festival will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year, and Eleuthera has proudly participated in this event every year, since it`s inception in 1877. Once again the island of Eleuthera is honoured to be a part of this year`s festivities, and will mark this historic event, by featuring a grand Bahamian Marketplace. The 2002 Sanford Heritage Festival is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. on Friday September 27th 2002 until 12:00 midnight. The festivities will continue on September 28th 2002 from 10:00a.m. to 12:00 midnight and on September 29th 2002 from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Admission is free to the Arts & Crafts areas. Daily admission to the Festival Midway and concert area is $5.00 and children 12 years of age and under are free.
A delegation of well-known Bahamian artists from Eleuthera will provide three days of fascinating Bahamian music at the festival. The performers include “The Brilanders”, “Eleuthera Express Band” and “Dr. Sea Breeze”. To compliment this astonishing event, the island of Eleuthera will also feature tasty Bahamian delicacies, such as fresh fruit daiquiris, conch fritters, peas and rice and conch salad. A straw vendor will also be highlighted at the Bahamian Marketplace; blessing spectators with the chance to witness some of the intricate Bahamian art designs, including, but not limited to straw hats and straw-handbags.
On each day of the Sanford Heritage Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the traditional “Plaiting of the Heritage Pole”. This tradition is very common in Eleuthera, and has been a part of the Bahamian culture for many years. In addition to this intriguing line up of Bahamian cultural display, delegates from Eleuthera will also present the heart pounding rush of Junkanoo. Junkanoo-the national festival of The Bahamas is a Bahamian celebration in which performers dress in colourful massive costumes, and create an exceptional rhythm using a collaboration of Bahamian hand-made instruments. The Junkanoo musicians will use cowbells, goatskin drums and brass instruments to generate an incomparable musical beat.
Eleuthera is an island in The Bahamas, and is famous for its friendly people, beautiful beaches, and Pineapple Festival. There are more than three hundred miles of coastline, including secluded cloves, dramatic cliffs, breathtaking reefs, and more than 40 miles of pink-sand beaches. All of these combined with rolling hills and picturesque settlements; make it a true delight for almost any type of traveler.
Harbour Island is a small cay at the Northern end of Eleuthera, and is one of the most popular destinations. Some of the most famous dive sites in The Islands of The Bahamas are located off the northern coast of Eleuthera/Harbour Island. Harbour Island has the picture-book setting of a village from the colonial past and provides easy access to locations for peace and escape from reality.
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