Hopping On And Off Varadero Beach Tour

TRANSTUR, the leading tourism transportation company in Cuba will soon put a new service at the disposal of every tourist who goes to Varadero: the Varadero Beach Tour, a tourist bus that gives travelers the possibility of enjoying places of historical and cultural interest, landscapes, and beautiful views while sitting on the upper part of a peculiar, roofless bus, especially designed for this purpose.
This two-story open-air vehicle is a great option for those who want to enjoy a tour of 43 stops linking the hotel area with Varadero. It will operate daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, departing from Oasis hotel and all the way to LTI Varadero hotel. The upper part has capacity for 50 people and the inferior part for 32.
Every seat is connected to a modern audio system that will broadcast information about the tour in English and Spanish simultaneously.
The ticket will cost 2.00 US Dollars and with it the modality of Hop on-Hop off will be put into practice, meaning that the same ticket will be valid for that day. The one hour tour also includes a map and timetable, and tour intervals will be of one hour.

Tickets will be available in hotels and extra hotel facilities, and it is planned to sell them in the very bus.
Take your best photographs and video shots from the Varadero Beach Tour bus. Experimented, professional drivers and bilingual hostess will provide you with information and personalized services on board.
Soon you’ll be able to get to know Varadero much better from the top of the Varadero Beach Tour bus. Bet you can’t wait to check it out, can you?.