Web Site Key To Aspen Campaign.

The Aspeneffect.com Web site forms the driving force of a marketing campaign for the U.S. ski resort, which the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) approved in September.
The $400,000 campaign is funded through a lodging tax and is designed to attract potential visitors to the Colorado resort town by enticing them to experience the “Aspen Effect.”

ACRA`s marketing plan focuses not on Aspen`s amenities, but rather on how an Aspen vacation makes you feel. It revolves around the concept of the “amplified self,” whereby people feel things more deeply, experience things more richly, and extend or reinvent themselves because of the unique atmosphere, resources and attractions in Aspen. ACRA calls this transformation the “Aspen Effect.” The “Aspen Effects” are categorized into several mood-based themes including: “Intimate Aspen,” “Accessible Aspen,” “Affordable Aspen,” “Eventful Aspen,” “Adventurous Aspen,” “Introspective Aspen” and “Everybody`s Aspen.”

“The Web site makes it easier than ever for people to experience the `Aspen Effect,`” says Christine Nolen, ACRA President and CEO. “Each component of our campaign directs people to Aspeneffect.com to inspire them to consider an Aspen vacation, to break down the barriers to coming to Aspen and to allow them to book their vacation online or through our toll-free number.”