TRUST Initiates Customer Advisory Board

TRUST International, a member of the Bertelsmann Group and a global provider of reservations technology for the hospitality industry, held its first Customer Advisory Board meeting (CAB) at the start of the fourth quarter in Frankfurt, Germany. 

TRUST is offering its clients an executive forum to provide direct feedback on the further development of technology products.  Key accomplishments emerging from the first CAB include the presentation of TRUST Voyager, featuring new functions to be added based on clients` presentation of their software needs. 

TRUST initiated the CAB system in response to requests from hotel groups, who wanted to be more involved in TRUST`s product development, strategic positioning, and refining of corporate vision for the hospitality technology industry at every stage.
“CAB helps us give hotel groups the kind of support that will maximize profits for all of us,” states Connie Rheams, President of TRUST in the Americas.  “When key executives get together to exchange ideas, and share their experiences, it can only improve our products and level of service,” added Rheams.

How CAB Works:

TRUST plans to hold CAB meetings two to three times per year.  The meetings will be hosted on a revolving basis in New York, near TRUST`s headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Orlando, Florida and Singapore, where the company maintains its Global Communication Centers. 


CAB meetings provide an opportunity for TRUST`s clients to directly influence product development according to their immediate and long-terms needs.  Topics covered at CAB meetings range from upcoming software releases and products to strategic discussions on the hospitality industry. 

The number of attendees is limited to top hotel executives and reservation technology managers at hotel groups in order to retain a focused discussion.  Those clients not participating in the CAB will receive meeting agendas in advance so they can provide input to CAB members beforehand.  The members of the CAB must be willing to make a one-year commitment and to meet on a regular basis in order to maintain a knowledgeable and consistent group.  Issues covered during each of the CAB meetings will be available for all clients to review on the company`s Web site at
with a special login.

TRUST develops and implements a state-of-the-art central reservation system, providing tailor-made, real-time reservations and global distribution solutions for the hospitality industry.